Verkhovna Rada does not care about the opinion of Ukraine’s people, – Archbishop Clement

Head of the Information and Education Department of the UOC Archbishop Clement of Irpen believes that by adopting bill No. 5496 and making Catholic Christmas an official holiday, the Verkhovna Rada tried to turn the celebration from a religious event into a farce. Vladyka said this to the newspaper "Vesti".

"Christ was born once, and not twice," said Archbishop Clement. "By this decision, the Verkhovna Rada has shown that it does not care about the opinion of the people of Ukraine. According to all sociological polls, the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on January 7. So was it before the election of these people's deputies, so it will be after them. But there is statistics, which makes it possible to understand the reasons for such a decision of the deputies. More than 80% of Ukrainians consider Easter and Christmas the most significant feasts. And almost the same number of our citizens fully mistrust the Verkhovna Rada. Therefore, it seems that the deputies are trying to weaken the overwhelming confidence in the Church against the background of a complete default of the Verkhovna Rada by trying to turn Christmas from a religious event into a farce."
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