Biblical archaeology’s top 10 discoveries of 2016 announced

Observer of the largest site on Biblical archeology Robin Ngo made3 a list of most importantt excavations of 2016 taking place in the lands of the Bible or that have a biblical connection, reports Sedmitsa.

The past 2016 was significant for archeology. In the Holy Land many archaeologists could realize themselves, despite the traditionally difficult political situation, the excavation continued.

1. The first and only known Philistines cemetery unearthed at ancient Ashkelon.
2. A millennia-old latrine discovered at Tel Lachish in Israel could be evidence of King Hezekiah’s religious reforms enacted throughout the Kingdom of Judah in the eighth century B.C.E.
3. A 2,000-year-old stone jar factory found in a cave near Cana (the first century). In the first century C.E., Jews commonly used stone vessels in observance of Jewish purity laws.
4. A rare gold coin depicting Roman emperor Nero was unearthed in excavations just outside the Old City of Jerusalem in Israel. This coin is especially significant because it was discovered on a scientific excavation, so its findspot is clear.
5. Two First Temple period seals were discovered in the Givati Parking Lot excavations in Jerusalem. One seal belonged to a woman named Elihana bat Gael.
6. An inscribed stone block which says who was the Roman governor of Judea during the time leading up to the Bar-Kokhba revolt, the second Jewish revolt against Rome, was discovered off the coast of Tel Dor in northern Israel.
7. Archaeologists believe they have located remains of the elusive Third Wall of Jerusalem described by ancient historian Josephus. According to Josephus, Jewish rebels completed this wall leading up to the First Jewish Revolt against the Romans.
8. A rare bronze mask of the god Pan discovered at the Israeli site of Hippos-Sussita in 2015. After discovering the mask, archaeologists excavated a monumental Roman gateway within the same complex.
9. During the 2016 season at Huqoq, mosaics depicting two well-known Biblical stories were uncovered.
10. After 2,140 years, a hoard of silver coins dating to the Hasmonean Period has once again seen the light of day.
Biblical archaeology founded by American scholar W. Albright has been actively developing since the 19th century, coming a long way from the cabinet science to work on archaeological sites. Thanks to new technologies, a lot of discoveries related to different epoch have been made.

Nevertheless, some important periods, in particular the period of the United Kingdom of Kings David and Solomon remain mysterious in many ways. The same applies to nations that can be called from the perspective of the Bible study accompanying the Jews, such as the Moabites, Ammonites and Edomites.
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