UAOC withdrew from Kiev Patriarchate in 1993 and should return, – Filaret

Dialogue between the Kiev Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of the reunion is dead-end due to the position of the autocephalous hierarchy, so the UOC-KP will include UAOC parishes in its membership individually. This was said by the head of the Kiev Patriarchate Filaret in an interview with the 5 Channel.

"We withdrew from the dialogue with the Autocephalous Church of the reunion. Because we have been very close to the recognition of the union three times. The last time the day of the unification council was even appointed, but at the last moment the primate (of the UAOC – Ed.) refused. Therefore, we believe that further negotiations on the merger are in vain," said the spiritual leader of the Kiev Patriarchate.

"However, we admit parishes of the Autocephalous Church to the Kiev Patriarchate. And this is the union or rather the return of parishes (of the UAOC – Ed.) to the Kiev Patriarchate because all parishes of the Autocephalous Church used to be part of the Kiev Patriarchate. They came out of it in 1993. And now they are coming back," said Filaret.

"This process will continue in the future. The time will come when all the Autocephalous Church will return to the Kiev Patriarchate," he concluded.

The Unification Council of the UAOC and the UOC-KP was held at 36 Pushkin Str. in Kiev in 1992, in Filaret’s reception. The decision of the so-called "Council" abolished both Churches and declared all of their property, finance and assets the ownership of the newly created organization called the "Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate". Its head was decided to consider "patriarch" of the UAOC Mstislav (without his consent), his deputy – "metropolitan" Filaret, chancellor - "metropolitan" Anthony (Masendich). Several "bishops" of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church refused to take part in the union. On October 17, 1992 Mstislav (Skripnik) by his decrees "defrocked" Anthony (Masendich) and Vladimir (Romanyuk), who on his behalf made this "union". These documents, coming to Kiev from the United States from Mstislav, Filaret concealed from the press and the public.
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A woman confessing to a priest:

– I am a sinner, father, I’m beset with pride. Every day I look in the mirror! And when I do this, I admire myself and think: "Oh, how beautiful I am!"

– Well, it's not a sin, it's a delusion!


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